Notre-Dame Cathedral up in flames!

Notre-Dame Cathedral up in flames!

The recent devastation caused by the fire at the Notre-Dame Cathedral is indeed a tragedy, with priceless heritage now lost forever as a result of this. Though the cause of this tragic fire in Paris has yet to be established, we must consider that the building works that were in progress are a strong contender. This fire therefore also serves as a stark reminder of the importance of considering fire safety and engineering, particularly at times when building works are being undertaken, to minimise the possibility of fires starting. We have seen many buildings devastated by fire when building works are being carried out to roofs.

Unfortunately, it can be the case that individuals involved in the building works do not always have a thorough enough understanding of what constitutes hot works and what the main causes of fire on construction sites are. Careful consideration of all the processes for the construction fire risk assessment is essential in order to minimise the chance of a fire breaking out, and if it does, to minimise the spread. Without such an approach, we will continue to see devastating losses which may well be preventable.

Our team of experienced professionals will always be more than happy to advise on these issues, so if you would like any assistance with reducing the risk of a fire in your premises please do not hesitate to contact us.

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